Monday, January 13, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: "What's on your lolita playlist?"

Today I'm doing my first Lolita Blog Carnival post. What is LBC? It's a group that provides ideas and inspiration to lolita bloggers on topics to blog about, and promotes the posts of those that have participated. A new topic comes out each week.

I'm not officially a member yet, as one of the requirements to be a part of the LBC is to have at least 9 posts focused on lolita, but I was told that I could use past topics as inspiration to build up to that number.

Anyway, today's post is about my lolita playlist. What do I listen to when I feel like being frilly? I don't particularly think that there is a specific genre to be considered lolita, but I will provide some artists that fit my personal idea of "lolita music" or "lolita inspired" music as well as why!

Here is my list!


Kalafina is a band made up of a trio of girls, Hikaru, Keiko, Wakana, and their composer, Yuki Kajira. Yuki Kajira herself has composed many songs prior to the Kalafina project with other singers too, but the 3 girls she chose for Kalafina really makes her work stand out. Wikipedia classifies their genre as "baroque pop" and "ethereal wave". I would definitely say that their style is very whimsical and ethereal, listening to them always takes me to a place of fairytales.

Two of my favorite songs by them are fairytale and Oblivious, though I think all their songs are great!
I also feel very lucky as I got to see them live in concert last May! ACen, a Japanese Pop culture convention in Chicago invited them as a guest to perform. It was the best concert I've been to, Kalafina sounds just as great live as on their albums. There is no autotune, just pure talent! autotune, just pure talent!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Ahhh... who hasn't heard of Kyary yet? Made famous by her crazy fashion and her bubblegum pop songs with silly lyrics (PONPONPON and Tsukematsukeru being her most popular songs), she is a common addition to most lolitas playlist.

Kyary is a leader when it comes to promoting kawaii subculture to other parts of the world. Infact, she will be coming to the US and other countries this year on tour! I will be seeing her perform in Chicago in March. I can't wait!

Kanon Wakeshima

Kanon Wakeshima is a cellist and vocalist made popular by her songs Still Doll and Suna no Oshiro that appeared in the anime Vampire Knight. Her music has a very classical and sometimes dark sound to it, and her cello skills are great!

Like the other two artists, Wakeshima has traveled outside of Japan, playing in the United States, France, and South Korea. I haven't seen her in concert yet, but that would be great if someday that could change!

Tommy February6

I have already discussed Tommy February6 in a past post, but she is so adorable I'll bring her up again! Some lolitas already know her as she sang Lonely in Gorgeous, the opening to the Paradise Kiss anime (which has some lolita-related themes in it). I also like Candy Pop in Love, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, and SwEEt dREAM.

Her music is poppy, and has some old school 80s sounds and a dreamy vibe to it.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy some of the artists that I posted. Please share some lolita inspired musicians with me in the comments!

Love and frills,

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello everyone! It looks like this will be my last post of this year.

Here is my year in review plus some goals:
2013 in review:
-Aquired my first brand lolita dresses 
-Made some pretty cool friends!
-Saw one of my favorite bands, Kalafina, live! It was amazing!!
-Shopped AT Angelic Pretty. Even if it was just a pop up shop at Acen haha. Does that even count??
-Got tickets to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!
-Moved out of my dad's house.
-Started eating healthier... less dairy (gives me ill effects), more veggies, more water
-Saw my grandpa in Florida!
-Played too much Animal Crossing. . . haha
-Had year anniversary with my boif  He's da bestest
-Discovered some of the coolest vintage places to shop *__*
-Went out a lot more than normal. I dislike sitting around at home all the time.
-Went to Mitsuwa. A lot. lol~
-Advanced my cooking skills! They're pretty poor but now I'm less afraid of cooking meat. heheh...
-Became more comfortable with myself and less self conscious, even if I'm wearing silly, poofy, frilly dresses.
-Survived another year in retail... oh my gawd...
-Sold a lot of my old junk I didn't need. Yay!
-Finally got insurance and started investing in stock.

I know, my year prooobably doesn't sound that exciting.
Overall though, it was a pretty good year, even though it had it's ups and downs.
Also, RIP Nana Lorna, my wonderful grandmother that passed this year. She will forever be in my heart. 

And... here are some goals for 2014! (including some lofty ones... lol)
-Get a car and get dat license, you slowpoke, Caitlin. Slooowpoke... I know where my tax return and bonus is going.
-Go back to school and get that degree! SO CLOOOSEEE...
-...Advance to a career I hope. Haa...
-Travel more? I'd love to get a passport and go to Japan and Europe! I'd even like to visit New York or California.
-Move somewhere nicer.
-Lose some of that belly/thigh chub.
-Save money! Save, save, saaave!
-Craft more and open a store selling my goods! I have so many craft supplies begging to be used.
-Wear more classic lolita!
-Use mbok or taobao more.
-Practice my Japanese skills. I am so rusty, I was so good at speaking and writing it after 4 years of learning it in highschool.
-Hang out with all my friends more.
-Just for Jacob (boyfriend): learn how to play Magic the Gathering properly. >_> Ugh. haha.
-Continue to try to eat healthily.
-Blog and write letters more
-Go to Rufflecon *__*
-Enjoy a proper afternoon tea at a Victorian-themed tea house!
-Dress up even more often. It's so fun!

How about you? How was your 2013, and what are your goals for 2014?

Anyway, I'll also post an update for my lolita wardrobe. 

I got a lot of wonderful offbrand blouses that were amazing finds this year, as well as some cardigans and blouses, some AP jewelry, jewelry from friends, OTKs and lots of tights... but it's too much to post here! So I will just stick to my main pieces that I've gotten recently. 
 I obtained the 2013 Lucky Pack for Angelic Pretty. I bought it secondhand and it didn't come with the blouse or bag, but everything else is in great condition! It's such a cute dress.
 I also got an Angelic Pretty cutsew. It features ribbons all over it. I haven't worn it yet but it's very cute.

I also got Misty Sky's rereleased JSK in sax. Unfortunately, I couldn't get Day Dream Carnival due to stock issues, so AP offered Misty Sky to me instead.
I got this Bodyline skirt in cream, which is very ivory-like. I love this skirt, I have a feeling I will be wearing it a lot. It can be worn as both a classic look and as sweet, depending on what you wear it with.
 And last but not least I got Angelic Pretty's 2014 Lucky Pack in lavender! I couldn't resist the carousel bunnies, how cute! I can't wait to get the heart bag as well.

 dat print

And finally, this year's lolita coordinates in review!

 Last coord of 2013! ^ I dressed up in lolita a lot this year! I'll definitely try to dress up even more next year and I'll try to improve my coords.


Frills and happiness to all, 

Monday, August 26, 2013

My Lolita Wardrobe part 1

Hello Everyone~

Summer has come, and it's going to end soon. Even so it's so hot. All this heat has made me so lazy!! I haven't posted in ages, since March. I guess I can't blame the heat then LOL

Anyway~ As some of you may know, I've been into lolita fashion for a long time. It all started in the early-mid 2000s when I saw gothic lolita fashion in magazines that other students brought into my Japanese language class in high school, and from manga/anime that featured lolita-like clothing. Eventually, I found out more about it by looking online, but it wasn't until around 2009 or so when I obtained my first lolita dress, and it wasn't until this year that I  bought my first brand pieces.

Click on photos to view them larger~

Left: My first lolita dress! Right: Worn. Lol, that hat and those ears...

My first dress was a one piece that I purchased at an anime convention in 2009. All I knew at the time was that usually lolita dresses were hundreds of dollars...and this one was only $63! So I snapped it up quickly. It wasn't until last year that I found out that this piece is actually a replica of Angelic Pretty's Gingham Sherbet one piece. Now, Angelic Pretty is my favorite lolita brand, and personally I don't like having replicas of a brand I support and love. So even though this isn't a stolen replicated print, and it just copies the cut/colors... I still didn't feel happy having a replica, so I'm in the process of selling this dress. It's cute, but between being a replica and not really being my style anymore... I'd rather give it to someone who would enjoy it more than me.

I have two more Angelic Pretty dresses/skirts, with one more on the way.

Left: Stock Photo of AP's Wonder Story skirt set in sax; Right: Me wearing the dress

The above dress is Angelic Pretty's Wonder Story Skirt set in sax blue. I also have the matching head bow. I love the details on this dress. There are 4 buttons running down the apron portion of this dress, each button being the suite of a card. The lace is adorable, it features a teacup pattern. You can remove the top apron portion and wear this as just a skirt, or leave it on for a more JSK look. The fabric is grosgrain and pretty thick, I think it would make a decent dress to wear in cooler weather.

Left: Stock Photo of AP's Milky-chan Applique skirt in sax; Middle: Upclose Details: Right: Worn

The second Angelic Pretty piece I own is the Milky-chan Applique Skirt in sax. Unfortunately, I don't have a full body outfit shot of this, I hope to soon, though! I absolutely love this skirt. It's made out of a heavy velveteen material, great for cold weather. I actually like the applique version of the Milky-chan dresses more than the print, I find the print to be too busy...and the Milky-chan applique is so soft!

Both images: Stock photo of AP's Day Dream Carnival in Ivory

The third dress I own by Angelic Pretty isn't in my hands yet... I'm still waiting on it to ship. It is the ever popular Day Dream Carnival! I chose the tiered JSK. I purchased it in ivory colorway along with the matching tights and head bow. I've eyed this dress for many months now, but missed the first release, and didn't have money when it was re-released. Lucky for me, I contacted Angelic Pretty USA, and they said they would have one in stock that I could reserve! It should be shipped within the next month or so.

I love the lavender version of DDC, but I feel it's the color everyone seems to go for, and it's a little over the top for me. I wanted something that would match well with the limited amount of accessories I currently own, so pink x white/ivory seemed to be the colorway to go for. Plus this looks more classic almost, with the white together with the antique gold. I decided on the tiered version of the JSK because I love the chest ribbon and the tulle looks cute, and is removable so you can wear it in multiple ways! Anyway, I'm so excited for this dress!

Left: Stock photo, IW Bambi Skirt in Cafe Au Lait ; Right: Worn

I also own two pieces from Innocent World. They're the same print, but two colorways as I couldn't decide which color I liked better. I bought the Bambi skirt at 50% off during IW's summer sale, so I got two skirts for the price of one! I also got the matching head bow in each colorway. I chose the mint colorway and the cafe au lait colorway (a beige/tan color). I haven't yet worn the mint color, so no pictures of that worn. The print features an adorable story-book like theme with deer and a bunny in a forest setting. Deer and rabbits are two of my favorite animals, so this was a must get! Especially since Innocent World's Lotta print is so hard to find and so expensive, so this was a good alternative.

Stock photo of IW's Bambi print in mint

I also have some off brand and Bodyline pieces. 

Left: Stock photo of Bodyline's Squirrel Party; Right: Wearing the black version at my first lolita meetup!

Bodyline's Squirrel Party Dress was the second lolita dress I ever bought. I wore it to my first meetup last year. The artwork on it is so cute, very AP-like. Squirrels, gifts, and birthday cakes! I should wear this on my birthday every year. <3 It also has roses on it, very cute. The fabric is a bit thin and stretchy, but the design is wonderful. One of Bodyline's better pieces.

Left: Bodyline's Carousel Skirt: Right: Me wearing it  in the lavender colorway
I also have Bodyline's Carousel skirt in lavender. The ponies on it are cute, but I'm not sure I like the cell-shading look of everything on the dress, or the vertical lines. Thin stretchy fabric and the lace is bad quality, very shiny and bent in a lot of places. Still cute, but probably my least favorite of the lolita pieces I own.

Left: Bodyline's Cinderella Bunny JSK; Right: Me wearing it in the mint colorway

My third bodyline dress. The cut on this is pretty cute, and I love the double strands of pearls at the top. The lace and bows are an ivory color, and there's browns and antique gold colors in this dress which make it pretty classy for a sweet lolita dress. The fabric is once again thin and stretchy, and like the Birthday Squirrel JSK, it's one of Bodyline's better pieces.

Last of all, I have an offbrand piece that I thrifted. It has a nice classic look, and it's maroon in color, featuring flowers and white lace. Being that it's a square-dancing skirt (it's a Malco Modes brand skirt), it's a bit full for lolita, but I still like it. I was thinking of getting it tailored to be more bell-shaped, but I actually like the fullness it has. I'll think about it.

I also have to post my lolita tote bags/purses, shoes, various blouses, some jewelry and accessories, etc., so I'll feature them and a closet photo in my next lolita wardrobe post. I'd also like to talk about my other current fashion love, that's for my more casual days- Mori girl!

Frills and happiness.

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